7Krave Food delivery - 2021/2022

From local startup to grown-up: building a new experience for 7krave.

7krave is now available on the App Store and Google Play. 7krave has enabled me to publish this case study.

seven krave app

The client

7Krave is a Jamaican foodie service created by Innovative Menu Solutions Ltd. The company is located and operated in Kingston, Jamaica. The intention of 7Krave is to create a food community that connects food providers to food lovers. Their mission is to be one of the best apps, having the best customer service experience that will bring customers their orders in the shortest possible time.


Kingston, Jamaica

Company size

201-500 employees


Food and delivery service


Android, ios and web

The goal

The team at Innovative Menu Solutions Ltd collaborated with me to re-evaluate and redesign their 7Krave food delivery app. Their aim was to transform their local Jamaican food delivery app into an international brand and scale up their business.

The main goal of 7Krave was to establish a consistent design language for their food community, giving it a fresh and modern appearance. They wanted to create a comprehensive, streamlined, and significantly improved user experience for their app users, and introduce new features for their customers.

Service i provided

To fulfill 7krave’s goal, I was involved in every part of the project, providing a variety of services to make sure they are getting what they want. Service I provided include:

UX design

User research and analysis,

User flow,


UI design

Interaction design,


Testing and redesign.

Design system

Style guide,


Project management.


I conducted in-depth user research to understand their preferences and needs. Then, I led workshops with the 7Krave team to identify strengths and weaknesses and proposed solutions for an improved user experience. Finally, I implemented a fresh and modern visual identity for the app, which included improved color schemes, typography, and visual elements. Additionally, I built a new design system for them to ensure consistency in their future updates.

seven krave app before after

Low fidelity wireframes

Low fidelity is also known as behind the scene which comes after completing the user research, analysis and flow, Mainly low fidelity wireframes help to brainstorm ideas without designing actual design.

seven krave architecture

Design system

Developed a design system for 7Krave, enabling them to create consistent and user-friendly designs. This system also benefits developers and other employees by providing a centralized location for design decisions and better understanding the rationale behind them. With everything in one organized place, 7Krave can maintain a cohesive brand image and efficiently implement future updates.

seven krave design system

Introducing the new
7krave food delivery app

The 7krave team always aimed to provide an effortless and top-notch user experience with a clean and simple interface that is accessible to all types of users. That's where I came in:

seven krave app
seven krave app
seven krave app
seven krave app

Some major features

Creating a strong first impression is crucial to building lasting customer relationships. For a mobile app, the first impression is made through the onboarding screens. At 7krave, i make sure to highlight our major promises and emphasize security alerts during onboarding. Additionally, i have optimized our login and signup processes to make them 40% faster, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for our users.

seven krave app

The Hangker Order feature allows customers to order food from their favorite restaurants, even if they're not listed on 7Krave. With live tracking mode, customers can stay updated on all stages of their orders. Additionally, on the restaurant page, customers can view previous reviews and ratings.

seven krave app

Introducing the latest features of 7Krave: the Wallet, Gift Cards, Rewards, and more! With the new Wallet feature, customers can easily manage their payment methods and add funds for future purchases. The Gift Cards feature allows customers to send digital gift cards to their friends and family, making it the perfect gift for any occasion.

Additionally, 7Krave Rewards offers exclusive benefits and perks to loyal customers, such as discounts, free delivery, and early access to promotions. The more customers use 7Krave, the more they can earn and redeem rewards points for exciting prizes.

seven krave app

When designing 7krave, I made sure to adhere to a grid system that allows the app to be usable on any iOS or Android device. This ensures that all users have access to a consistent and intuitive experience, regardless of the device they are using. By designing with a grid system in mind, we were able to create a flexible and responsive layout that can adapt to different screen sizes and resolutions. This helps to ensure that 7krave looks and works great on any device, providing a seamless experience for all of our users.

seven krave app

The result

We started in September 2021 and after six months of collaboration, we have successfully launched the new 7krave 2.0 in February 2022. Since then, the feedback that the 7krave team has been receiving is phenomenal. 7krave's customers are so much happier with the new update.

  • The New 7krave app is now 65% faster, resulting in a much smoother user experience that is much appreciated by our customers.

  • The checkout conversion rate has increased by 32%, indicating that our customers are finding it easier and more convenient to order food using our app.

  • 7krave has received over 5000 new 4.5* reviews, which is a testament to the quality of our app and the high level of satisfaction among our customers.

  • 7krave has now become the number 1 food delivery app in Jamaica, further solidifying our position as a leading player in the industry.

I am so proud to be part of 7krave's team and to work closely with the team, especially with The Flutter way and CEO, Rory white.

“Working with Zesan was one of the best decisions our company has made. He is very easy to work with and has a golden imagination and creativity. His eye for detail is just impeccable. What he did for our company was truly amazing. He took an outdated version of our app and made it into something world class… Our customers are just ecstatic. Our retention rate is significantly up. Our positive reviews are significantly up. Our app store ratings from over 5000+ reviews is at 4.6. We are ready to work with him on another project. We just hope he is ready.”

seven krave app

Rory White

CEO at 7krave

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